About this Blog

The evolving purpose of this blog…

I started this blog in June 2012, when I was selected to participate in the IBM Corporate Service Corps, which I would rate as one of the best adventures of my astonishingly blessed life.  My intent was for it to be an account of my adventure, but it didn’t turn out that way — those four weeks were occupied from dawn to considerably beyond dusk with trying to solve as many of our client’s issues as possible in the short time allotted to us, as well as with getting as much quality time possible with the amazing team of colleagues and interns I had been teamed with.

Instead, it ended up being a personal narrative of the months leading up to my deployment in China.  In the course of my preparations, I learned any number of amazing things about the culture, business, history, food, etc. of the place I was going, and I was so filled with delight and fascination that I wanted to share the joy of my discoveries.

It is now a year and a half since that grand adventure, and I find myself motivated to pick up the pen once more.  The context has changed, but the motivation has not.  It is not my intent to create a business blog, a political blog, or a history blog, though certainly I expect to be discussing all of these things.  Rather, I intend this to be a personal narrative of some of the amazing things I discover as I go about my life.

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