I received the following email today…

Congratulations!!! You’ve been assigned to the China 18 Team with an expected departure date of October 12, 2012.

The in-country portion of your CSC experience will run through November 10, 2012 and you will be based in Kunming. Additional details around your assignment location and CSC client will be developed as you process through the pre work phase in the twelve weeks preceding departure. Given your departure time your team will begin pre work ~ July 20, 2012.

Please confirm your acceptance of this assignment by Monday, July 9, 2012. You will need to discuss and receive approval from your manager to be away from your regular job from October 12 – November 10, 2012.

To accept or decline this assignment pleasereply directly to me.

If you have to decline this assignment for business or personal reasons we will do our best to assign you will most likely your assignment would be in 2013. However, the team assignment process is very detailed and it is not as simple as moving you around. We balance teams based on skills, tenure, gender, geographic preference and home country.

Once we have confirmed all this team’s participants, we will communicate with the full team about next steps to get started on pre work.

I have not been to China since I did a project in Beijing for the better part of 2006.  I knew that China was one of the places that CSC worked, but could not have expected that of all the locales I would get this one.

Kunming is in the south, in Yunnan province, nestled near the borders of Vietnam and Myanmar.  Yunnan is reputed to be fantastically beautiful; the amazing Stone Forest is there.

Machiavelli wrote in The Prince that it is better to deliver bad news all at once, but good news should be delivered in small portions over time to prolong the effect.  Seems to be working on me :-)

I will start researching Kunming and share what I discover.  Talk to you soon.

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